Diverse talent campaign

Diverse talent campaign

Different kinds of talent and working practices are good for everyone. So, what can we do to support talent growth, development and retention in our industry, and to facilitate a truly diverse population of colleagues to work in whatever way they wish?

Lucky thirteen – our Collective home-working hacks

Our collective home-working habits

We’re always looking for new ways to increase our productivity and make remote working a positive experience for ourselves and our clients. We asked the team to share their hacks for maximum energy and engagement. From fake commutes to new soundtracks, microplanning, socialising, re-routing and even the local pub, you’re sure to find at least one helpful tip amongst their 13 diverse approaches.

Information, explanation and inspiration 2020

Communicators who have made the Difference in the COVID-19 pandemic

Who do you think has made the biggest Difference through exceptional communications about the COVID-19 pandemic this year? When we asked The Difference Collective’s members this question, it started a fascinating discussion.