Positive Difference in Pharmaceutical Purpose

Positive Difference in Pharmaceutical Purpose

The ABPI recently unveiled key insights on strengthening the pharmaceutical industry’s reputation and trust. Find out what stood out for us and how now is the time to elevate your impact and narrative with a strength of purpose.

Thriving in the midst of change

The rapid pace of change has prompted many clients to seek our expertise to help craft sensitive internal communications. They want trusted guidance on honest and empathetic employee messaging through organisational restructures, as well as support to navigate tricky communications in challenging times.

New Report Reveals the Increasing Influence of Communications on Pharmaceutical Leadership & Decision-Making

A new report, ‘Collective Perspectives,’ released by The Difference Collective, has shared insights from senior consultants with nearly 600 combined years of experience on the changing attitudes and challenges facing communications teams in the pharmaceutical industry. The report reveals communications’ critical role in pharma, with 99.9% now seeing communications as integral to business functions.

The key to communications for change? It’s not what you think

change and transformation

Change and transformation are established forces in pharma and healthcare today, as in all industries and sectors. Every organisation needs to evolve and move with the times, to keep up with customer, patient and HCP needs. In recent years, the pace, scope and sheer amount of transformation projects have escalated.

Challenging times need bold solutions 

We know that procurement teams are looking for ways to innovate in healthcare communications to give their organisations competitive advantage and to achieve real value. The Difference Collective can help. Find out how …