Working Differently Works – and is Here to Stay

As we approach the end of the decade, virtual agencies like The Difference Collective are no longer just an idea. They are no longer a pipe dream of a few innovators who knew there was an alternative agency model out there.

How virtual agencies have come of age

When it comes to strategic communications, virtual agencies can really set themselves apart from their traditional predecessors, offering new solutions that will not only improve agency profitability and increase sales but most importantly – make clients happy.

Why flexible means exceptional

The benefits of flexible working to the consultant are self-evident – autonomy, empowerment, personal and professional fulfilment, to name but a few. And yet, the benefits of an agile workforce are no less momentous or transformative for clients. When you choose to work with the difference collective, flexible really does mean exceptional, and here’s why… […]

The value of ‘getting the job done’ virtually

Longer ago than I care to calculate, my father took me to his office as part of his company’s “bring your child to work” initiative with the hope that it might open my eyes to the real world. The details of the day escape me, but what I do remember as an impressionable teenager, was […]

Commitment trounces bricks and mortar

One of the biggest challenges faced by any independent consultant is the perception that we are in some way less committed, professional and reliable than our employed counterparts. As someone who puts her heart and soul into every task assigned to her, this erroneous perception cuts deep. And I am not alone. Some of the […]