The key to communications for change? It’s not what you think

The key to communications for change? It’s not what you think

Change and transformation are established forces in pharma and healthcare today, as in all industries and sectors. Every organisation needs to evolve and move with the times, to keep up with customer, patient and HCP needs. In recent years, the pace, scope and sheer amount of transformation projects have escalated.

Five big changes in the healthcare comms landscape

5 years of TDC

The world of healthcare has changed very greatly in the five years since The Difference Collective launched. Our agile model and talented team have enabled us to keep pace with demand and to evolve our communications expertise and practice to support 106 clients. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our Difference journey and supported our innovative, virtual approach. We look forward to travelling through the next five years and beyond with you all, as the healthcare landscape continues to transform.

When is an agency not an agency?

PR Week Top 150

The PR Week UK Top 150 Consultancies prompts anticipation and curiosity. But can a virtual collective of freelancers fairly be compared and ranked against conventional agencies?

Time to Stage a Pitch Invasion

Pitches are a big investment of time and money for both client and agency. And they don’t always lead to a good result. The question is, what’s the alternative?